April 12, 2016
Your Success begins with Strategic Thinking

Writing in the Harvard Business Review, John Seely Brown and John Hegel observe that "IT’s economic impact comes from incremental innovations rather than "big bang" initiatives. If done right, these innovations can also reduce the financial risks by generating near-term returns that can help fund subsequent waves of operating initiatives."

January 13, 2016
Is Your Smart Fridge Sending Email?

I’m amazed.  We know only too well that hacking and ID theft is rampant, compromising records everywhere in massive numbers.  But in the move toward digital and connected everything, know called Internet of Things, something truly unexpected cropped up.  Like Smart Fridges and TV’s spamming in a massive way!

How to Keep your Site Hacker Safe

If you have a WordPress blog or website, be aware of increased hack attacks. Partly because they are so popular and partly because the new versions have hackable holes, they’re a popular playground for hackers. Except they aren’t playing and they have a strategy.